TikTok Decides To Ban Videos That Users Compete To Break Their Heads

A Few videos that appear on social media draw consideration with their topic and will turn out to be viral without delay. this example, skilled with the ‘Harlem Shake’ on the time, has turn into very common with TikTok as of late. Users who categorize the movies they shoot below certain themes ceaselessly call these video subject matters as ‘XXXXX Challange’ .

TikTok and one in every of those latest video issues on YouTube was known as ‘Skull Breaker Challenge’ , or ‘Skull Breaking Challenge’. Content producers hit the feet of somebody leaping while recording videos underneath this title and recorded that person’s fall. Although these bad videos received reactions from many people across the global, new movies continued to emerge every day. TikTok has in spite of everything taken a step to stop this drawback.

TikTok has banned ‘Skull Breaker Challenge’ videos:

people in the concept of ‘Skull Breaker Challenge’ agree prematurely. The pair, who had prior to now agreed, then picks up the individual they chose because the sufferer and asks him to jump. Whilst the person in the center jumps, the folk on the aspect hit the toes of the person within the air, inflicting the person to fall down horizontally at the ground.

This dangerous recreation that is much more than ‘a little joke’ can cause severe illnesses. shall we say that many people who have tried this sooner than have hospitalized their friends. These videos, especially published on social media in some way that kids can get right of entry to, could lead to bad eventualities.

This ban order via TikTok can prevent these videos from spreading, but of course these content also needs to be removed from different platforms like YouTube . There Is no move from YouTube at the topic right now, however the video giant is expected to take a step very similar to TikTok in the coming days.

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