A man sells devices that can open the doors of all cars in seconds

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“EvanConnect” nickname creates a bridge between virtual and bodily crime. The devices that it sells for hundreds of dollars permit other people to go into and steal top-tech vehicles. Evan claims to have customers in the UNITED STATES, UK, Australia, a few South American and Ecu countries.

Evan made a video of the way the device works. The video does not show an actual theft. Evan used a family member’s Jeep logo automobile to turn the options of the gadgets.

The situation shown in the video is rather easy. Evan and his friend park the car in a car park and lock his door. Then one in all them makes use of a pc-sized device. The Usage Of the buttons at the outer case of the instrument, quite a lot of operations are carried out with the help of the LED show. it is then brought in the direction of the door through urgent the button on a small box with its antenna on the best. The text at the software’s reveal adjustments and the car’s door opens within seconds .

One In All the two-piece units listens to the low frequency it sends to determine whether the vehicle is near the important thing. and publicizes a frequency of 2.4 Ghz or above. Some Other software used by a second individual gets this high frequency signal and releases it at a low frequency. In different phrases, one tool acts as a vehicle and the other functions as a key. As a consequence, the doors open.

Evan states that his gadgets work on all cars apart from the ones the usage of 22-40 khz frequencies like Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Bentley and Rolls Royce produced after 2014. He additionally states that from this month he’ll start selling 20-FORTY khz units that can release all cars. the price of the devices varies between $ NINE,000- $ 12,000.

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