Juan Guaido returned to Venezuela! Shock attack at the airport

Regardless of the choice of Docket (TSJ), the Best Court of Venezuela Court, after leaving the country for the second time, participating in the third Convention on the Prevention of Terrorism in Colombia and then visiting the ECU Union (EUROPE) countries and the USA. Maiquetia Simon Bolivar to the north of the capital Caracas has reached the World Airport.

With no stumbling blocks to pass passport control, Guaido faced the intense reaction of several Venezuelans who were ready at the airport in accordance with images reflected on social media. A girl dressed in the Venezuelan airline Conviasa uniform, approved by the U.S. administration, was once thrown cookies and water in Guaido, while the surrounding team once heard a “traitor.”

While moving to the world terminal of the Guaido airport, he was greeted with a show of love.


Even while chatting and taking pictures with his enthusiasts at the airport for a while, Guaido faced extra serious reactions when he came across his waiting car. In the fight, it was seen that an individual in labor was capturing and shaking Guaido in his own way.

Moving to the capital Caracas with his guards and supporters, Guaido said in his statement that he introduced his return from his social media account: Dictatorship has never been so lonely. we want extra political self-discipline, we consider it more accurate and unity than ever. “

Arguing that the Arena is next to “regaining democracy and freedom” in Venezuela, Guaido is a “new era” in Venezuela. He claimed he had started.


Meanwhile, a group of parliamentarians leaving Caracas before Guaido’s arrival was once stopped by security forces near the airport. There was a short rush and chase among lawmakers who wanted to pass the ball and members of the Bolivarian National Conservation Organization (GNB).

The Venezuelan Best Court of Justice imposed a ban on leaving rustic land for several charges. After moving to Colombia, he went to Switzerland, France, England, Spain, Canada and us.

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