Logic Bugs in Vikings Series that don’t Match History – Let’s Examine Together!

The collection Vikings , which has a prime rating of EIGHT.6 in IMDB, has been intense hobby in historical past and conflict fanatics because it began broadcasting in 2013.

The collection is thought of as a documentary manufacturing about the Viking generation among the eighth and eleventh centuries.

in the Vikings series, although the story is told in accordance with the actual lifestyles and the characters, it is real that they created a successful scenario and attracted the attention of the viewers and added some fiction. Screenrant compiled the events that have been proven in the series but did not match the history in a fantastic nook. we have compiled historical good judgment errors in the Vikings series for you.

There have been no female warriors like Lagertha in Viking historical past:

The number of people who respect Lagertha, one in every of the characters we encounter such a lot within the series, is quite top. This girl, as soon as a spouse of Ragnar Lothbrok , is truly portrayed as an incredible warrior. Raised by his father as a defend-maiden, a woman educated to battle in Scandinavian mythology, Lagertha is on the forefront of many battles we see in the series.

Historians pressure that such girls were hardly ever noticed at that point. additionally they emphasised that women are hardly ever used in struggle, and that the name defend-maiden is only a part of mythology .


The guy who made the Vikings occupy England was once the same individual. consistent with historians, it was once now not Ragnar who made the discovery of england as a result of Britain had already been discovered earlier than Ragnar. By Way Of the flip of the century, there were Scandinavian communities that started moving to sedentary life in England. The occasions within the series happen among the eighth and eleventh centuries, which rages all of Ragnar’s efforts with England.

3. Rollo and Ragnar weren’t in reality brothers:

Whilst the collection first starts, we see it because the brothers combining the powers of the Rollo and Ragnar characters to occupy Northumbria. After receiving the title of Ragnar chief, we undergo witness that Rollo couldn’t carry it and betrayal his brother.

In real history, there may be no blood connection among Rollo and Ragnar. Even Rollo’s lineage comes from England, and the primary William who was the king of historical past we all know from history books is known to be grandfather in.


If you’re a fan of a tight Vikings drama, you’ll be able to understand that the scene the place Rollo tells Bjorn his enemies need to be done at all prices.

but when we look at historical past, we see that Rollo never fought at Wessex. Rollo, which invaded France with its troops, besieged Rouen in 876 AD, and reigned in Paris in 885.

5. Vikings have never referred to as themselves Vikings:

we’ve heard time and again during the collection that the characters call themselves Vikings. On The Other Hand, this sort of time period in the vintage Norwegian language utilized by the folk dwelling in Sweden, Norway and Denmark through the Viking period has now not been encountered sooner than. They used the terms “nords, norsemen and Danes” which imply “northern man, Danish” in place of Viking to describe themselves.

6. in the Vikings series, Athelstan’s punishment was once flawed:

Athelstan’s loss of life They do now not.

Anglo Saxons were not so dangerous warriors

The Saxon military was once shown at the show in a miles vulnerable manner compared to the vikings. due to the series being taken from the Viking standpoint, we might believe this error standard, however in history Anglo Saxons in reality had sturdy armies .

Mercenary Saxon infantrymen had been part of the Roman military in Britain when the empire was still status, they usually performed a tremendous role in the establishment of the eight nice kingdoms , including Northumbria and Wessex. In 850 BC, they joined forces under the kingdoms of Mercia, Wessex and Northumbria. Then Again, in the series we see that Saxons are defeated in a snap.

8. Vikings wore helmets in battles

when we say Viking, we see that the helmet , one in every of the primary symbols that come to thoughts, isn’t integrated in the collection.

Although the helmet was invented throughout the Vikings’ lifetime, there are not any information appearing that Vikings have been wearing helmets in history.

9. Thor used to be no longer a personality as interpreted within the Vikings series:

we have no longer heard of Thor, one in every of the most powerful gods in Scandinavian mythology. This legend, which we are extra familiar with from the Wonder universe, was once also featured within the Vikings collection. When there’s thunder in wet climate in the collection, you may encounter the road “Thor beats his hammer”. This sound is shaped while the goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr, who pulled Thor’s automobile, drive the auto against the sky. In different phrases, different cultures and legends is also tired otherwise. On The Other Hand, in the Vikings collection, there are the producers who need to add excitement to the development.

10. Lothbrok was now not a correct final name:

In Scandinavian culture, children could take their surnames from their father’s names.

Lothbrok was in reality a pseudonym meaning “wrinkled pants” that Ragnar wore. Their child’s surname will have to had been “Ragnarsson”. We see that the cultural naming habit within the series has been changed somewhat to get charismatic names. .

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