NASCAR Provides Updates on Medical Team Response to Ryan Newman’s Daytona 500 crash

LAS VEGAS — What appeared like an eternity was in reality 19 seconds.

After Ryan Newman ’s battered race car got here to rest remaining Monday at the end of the tri-oval in a brutal wreck on the end of the Daytona 500, it took only 19 seconds for the first emergency car to reach, in keeping with a chronology supplied by way of NASCAR officials all over an issue-and-resolution consultation with reporters on Saturday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

“The instrument truck arrived on the car 19 seconds after it came to rest,” stated Steve O ’Donnell, NASCAR govt vice president and leader racing development officer. “The fireman that you just saw with the extinguisher used to be in that vehicle. one among the three trauma medical doctors assigned to the protection crew for the race arrived at the automobile on the 33‑2nd mark, and a paramedic entered the car at the 35‑second mark.

this is the overall lap of the Daytona 500 through which Ryan Newman’s automobile was flipped on the line.

we can continue to maintain you updated on his status as we be told extra.

“For the following THREE 1/2 mins, medical doctors and paramedics attended to Ryan. at the FOUR:05 mark, the decision was then made to roll the automobile over while proceeding to help assist the driving force. on the 6:FIFTY SIX mark, the auto was once upright. The extrication staff then started slicing the car, and a doctor persisted to supply treatment.

“The roof was once removed at the ELEVEN:10 mark, and the extrication was finished at 15:FORTY, and the motive force used to be then moved to the ambulance for shipping. in this whole time, medical doctors and paramedics had been getting to Ryan, apart from at the second of the auto rollover.”

Newman, who was once taken directly to Halifax Scientific Heart and launched from the sanatorium on Wednesday, may well have benefited from the so-called “Newman bar,” reinforcement for the roll cage that reinforced the roof and the windshield that was once applied after a ruin involving Newman in 2013.

NEWMAN UPDATES: Motive Force released from sanatorium after crash

“So once we look at the cars and look back at what we’ve got been capable of do with the automobiles as an business, now we have been in a position to make enhancements,” stated Dr. John Patalak, NASCAR ’s senior director of safety engineering. “the one you could have referenced in 2013 with the additional roll bars and the roof and the windshield area . . . we have been also in a position to do things with the laminate windshield in 2013 and stepped forward window net mounting in 2013.

“All of these things in point of fact give a contribution and work together as an meeting to enhance the entire results to what we noticed in Daytona.”

“i believe, just to add to that, John and that i have been talking in advance about the incontrovertible fact that Ryan Newman used to be fascinated by this accident, along with his engineering history, has been anyone who we’ve turned to in lots of times speaking about protection enhancements,” rejoined O ’Donnell.

“one of the explanations you will not hear as many main points lately is we nonetheless haven’t had the risk to go thru this with Ryan and his crew, with the other drivers in the storage, but Ryan’s comments as we go through this may increasingly be key, and i feel that’ll be a key element as it’s always been throughout the process whilst he’s been racing.”

Both Newman ’s automobile and the No. 32 of Corey LaJoie, which collided with Newman ’s Ford because it flipped upside-down, had been destroyed in the wreck, and both had been taken to NASCAR ’s R&D Heart in Concord, N.C., for additional inspection and evaluation.

Reid Spencer writes for the NASCAR Twine Carrier.

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