Tesla Seeks Extra Money for Autonomous Driving Feature from New Owner of Used Model S

Nowadays, many cars are instantly connected to the web, and a few of the automobile’s features can also be removed without even touching the auto. a person who bought a 2d-hand Tesla Model S skilled precisely that.

a man in the US named Alec purchased a 2017 Tesla Type S used from a vehicle auction on December 20, 2019. THE COMPANY that offered the Model S also listed self sufficient riding in the vehicle’s options. As a end result, Alec bought the vehicle’s options and favored it.

After a while, the car’s independent riding enhance was got rid of by way of Tesla. Tesla has been able to replace the device of its automobiles remotely for a while and will remotely regulate the cars. The autonomous driving feature in Style S purchased by Alec was additionally got rid of via the company after Tesla’s audit.

Tesla thinks that buyers of used vehicles should pay to make use of top class features

Having met with Tesla customer support for different options removed along with independent riding, he was once shocked. Tesla consumer products and services mentioned that Alec must pay for features that have been got rid of, particularly self sufficient using. Tesla customer support informed Alec, “We regarded again at your acquire historical past and sadly we found that Full Self Sufficient Using is not a feature you pay for. We make an apology for the confusion. if you happen to want to have those further features, you’ll get started an upgrade purchase. ”

the entire self reliant driving feature of Tesla Fashion S is about $ 8,000 . Alec says he buys the Fashion S as a result of he thinks the options are incorporated in the car worth. However Tesla doesn’t assume like Alec. Tesla has no longer but made a statement to the clicking concerning the factor.

This motion via Tesla sparked controversy. Device options in most cases found on a pc or cellphone cannot be undone with out consumer approval. Then Again, it sort of feels that the situation will probably be different for instrument supported vehicles.

Tesla’s far off replace feature made Tesla house owners uneasy. With this incident, the worry of car owners turns into understandable. With far flung replace and regulate, Tesla has a really perfect command of the tool of the vehicles. it seems that people who will buy 2nd hand Tesla after Alec’s adventure may even revel in great uneasiness.

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