The importance of Emma’s rediscovering Jane Austen novel.

Notice, literary-minded movie enthusiasts: Jane Avust’s romantic novel emma long after.

The lively and entertaining film is a faithful reinterpretation of the size of austen’s 1815 book, and split star anya taylor-joy in the title of emma woodhouse, a lovable but shallow community scavenger who found joy bringing couples together, but found himself unlucky.

As in previous adaptations, as in the 1996 version played by gwyneth paltrow or in the more loose ones like clueless, it puts the hero in trouble due to Emma’s good-faith actions.

Adapted by De Wilde’s man booker award-winning writer Eleanor Catton, his film is delightfully benign by finding rich drama and comedy stitches in the etiquette of the regency era, and the cast tells yahoo that pairing may have evolved.

“Emma” strange universal themes that play Emma’s father, “says yahoo.

“Famous elements of human behavior, from Emma’s fondness to control to coming to a cutting-edge cutting machine … Make all kinds of mistakes by matching them incorrectly.

“They are great themes and people are not changing. Clothing and technology change, human behavior is shrinking for this … And people react to the world in almost the same way. So, it can schedule it. “

Living in her dream surrey highbury village with her father, emma takes a lot of time to see if her friends can’t see her perfect match is in front of their eyes.

Johnny Flynn, who plays the prolific George Knightley, thinks that looking back at Austria’s work has helped avoid 21st century society and culture.

Don’t keep reinventing these classic texts, we’ll lose a lifeline to the past, ”says flynn.

“And this use is a deeper sense of self-knowledge of our journey as a human in history. What you get from looking at society in the past is under the difference of manners and language and how they talk to each other while working, there is still love and friendship and people, and we are aware of what really matters.

“And some things celebrated at emma, people don’t have contact with today, so I think it’s great for every generation who reinvents this book.”

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