This Planet is at a Temperature of 1500 degrees! Let’s Examine it Together!

This planet is at a temperature of 1500 levels! you’re studying the problems of planet, space, science, nasa, exploration

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Ecu scientists measured the weight and density of the smallest planet outside the Solar Gadget, the discovery of which was found out. in keeping with the medical article published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, that is known as the Corot-7b as a result of the invention made by means of the eu House Company in the course of the telescope embarked on orbit in December 2006. exoplanet is rocky like Earth.

Didier Queloz from the School of Geneva, who chaired the analysis group, stated that the surroundings of this first recognized rocky outer planet are EIGHTY p.c wider and FIVE occasions heavier than Earth, and that the planet that it describes as “Hell’s Hell” He underlined that the outside temperature is a thousand to 1500 levels Celsius, and that it doesn’t permit life in a known sense.

the new planet has a speed of 750 thousand km consistent with hour around the sun. He completes his return in 20 hours. Mercury, the planet closest to the Earth’s sun, ends its rotation around the Solar in 88 days.

in the observations and measurements made by way of astronomers, it used to be noticed that the density of this outer planet proved to be rocky like Earth. Scientists who came upon about 330 exoplanets of fuel giants orbiting different stars, as the Earth revolves across the Sun, point out that the majority of them are very similar to the planet 17 times bigger than Earth.

the new planet within the neighboring galaxy is located best 2.5 million km from the sun and 500 gentle years from Earth. (1 light yr: 9.7 trillion km)

Scientists, who placed their discoveries in the category of “super Earth” exoplanets, for the first time that the density of this sort of small exoplanet used to be measured and that the findings It underlines that it’s vital in phrases of providing concrete evidence of its density.

The COROT venture, led via the French Area Authority, is being performed with the contributions of ESA, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Brazil

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