4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy 333$ Apple AirPods Pro Headphones

AirPods Professional, which Apple just lately introduced, has been talked about both in phrases of layout and price. This headset, which we have had the risk to examine for a while, offers options reminiscent of lively noise canceling, 1 hour of song listening with FIVE min charge. Despite The Fact That these types of features are great things, there are also nerve-racking issues. of course, the cost comes first among these aggravating points, however the handiest downside we are facing isn’t exaggerated price policy. Apple AirPods can also result in trouble to users at points reminiscent of health.

In our video nowadays, we will discuss FOUR the explanation why you wish to now not purchase AirPods Professional, Apple’s new headset. some of these things we’re going to discuss are problems not only for AirPods Pro, but in addition around the in-ear headphones. the price policy, that is, has peaked with AirPods Professional. This headset, that is sold at a price of 2000 TL, is obviously an absurd price policy while it meets the standard and value of similar headphones on the marketplace. To hearken to quality tune in AirPods Pro, you wish to have to turn up the volume and when you do, it causes explosions in top-pitched areas. It too can be tense to hear them from a headset that you gave 333$.


Apple has added some shortcut keys on AirPods Pros. With the program, you’ll be able to factor certain commands while you contact the tip of the headset, but giving those commands reasons some bother in observe. with the exception of the trouble of the use of this system, while you contact the earpiece, it adjustments its have compatibility and can result in it to fall off your ear. In day by day use, this kind of factor turns out extremely irritating.

Noise-Canceling function

Yes, it is a extremely practical feature in look. Alternatively, Apple has not done an overly a success job in doing this. While the noise canceling is activated, the headphones experience depth and bass quality losses. These losses may be appropriate for a headphone of ONE HUNDRED TL, but we had been anticipating a higher quality task with such an expensive product. At this point, Sony’s headphones seem much more a success.

Take On iPhone 7 Headset vs Unique AirPods

Most Significant Matter: Well Being

Sure, we came to essentially the most vital issue. Apple AirPods Professional additionally affects your ear well being as it is an earbud and it reaches very prime dB. Our ears usually receive the sound from the open environment, whilst our outer ear sends the sound from the skin to the interior ear at quite a lot of angles. In such headphones, we push the outer ear out of the sport and send it on to the inner ear. When the sound is just too loud, this may cause listening to loss.

End Result ?

Apple got here up with AirPods Professional by means of doing what it anticipated. Sure, it appears great in phrases of layout, however in terms of usability and function, it is some distance underneath a 333$ TL efficiency. as opposed to Apple AirPods Professional, we will recommend Sennheiser’s headphones which can be both more convenient and do the process much better. Without additional ado, I go away you by myself with the video. Have an excellent time everyone.

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