A Major Problem Occurred in Voyager 2 Outside the Solar System

NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft keeps to travel deep into the universe with out preventing. On The Other Hand, this vehicle, which is at the furthest aspect from us, confronted crucial drawback just lately. Voyager 2 has started to devour more energy than the power it might typically eat as a result of this drawback. The spacecraft had to perform a 360-stage rotation maneuver to calibrate the magnetic box device, but it did not. Each methods in Voyager 2 remained open for longer than necessary as a results of this incident and brought about extra energy to be wasted.

the issue with the maneuver of Voyager 2 led to an important problem:

spacecraft Automated protection techniques had been activated to forestall energy depletion when it consumes too much energy. These systems additionally caused ‘ not required ‘ devices to shut down for the car, such as medical instruments, to maintain as a lot power as conceivable.

of course, scientists have been in a position to gather those tools to collect knowledge from Voyager 2. wanted to run it once more. in keeping with a publish revealed on January 28, Voyager engineers effectively disabled one in all the programs that devour so much of energy and reactivated medical instruments. On The Other Hand, for now, no data may well be won .

Following NASA’s remark, the crew tested the location in the rest of the spacecraft and worked to continue normal operations specific. The re-transfer of this software, that is very far-off from us, might be a good information for the arena of science to boot.

Voyager 2 is lately on its means outside the Solar System, about 18.5 billion kilometers away. Each And Every sign despatched to Voyager 2 from our planet travels for 17 hours sooner than attaining the vehicle. The vehicle’s reaction to this signal returns as a result of the similar duration. In different words, the command sent to Voyager 2 can be output 34 hours .

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