Air Temperature Rises Above 20 Degrees for the First Time in Antarctica

Global climate change, particularly makes you are feeling at the poles. The temperature has risen above 20 levels for the first time in Antarctica. This dimension was recorded as a new document. as well as, glaciers in the Antarctic seas had been discovered to melt NINE.8% 9% than normal degree.

Brazilian scientists Graham Land in Antarctica He found that the temperature reached 20.75 degrees on Seymour Island, that is positioned inside the SIXTEEN island chain. within the commentary made ultimate week from the sector Meteorological Group (DMO), it was stated that the air temperature was once measured at 18.3 levels in the Argentinian Esperanza Research Base in the northwest of the continent, the top temperature value observed in Antarctica to date.

Not part of world warming pattern:

Brazilian scientist talking to AFP Carlos Schaefer , this measurement is not related to the local weather modification pattern, underscored that the measured temperature was skilled only once, and would not be part of long-time period data sets. However, scientists warn that international warming causes polar areas to more quicker warming than the remaining of the world.

Schaefer notes that the highest temperatures measured earlier were among 19 and 20 degrees . Schaefer also argues that the brand new temperature size is a signal that one thing new is occurring in the house. Melting glaciers in Antarctica may just endanger leading towns and small island countries on the coast.

according to the local weather records of the closing 141 years It has been stated that the typical temperature at the land and sea surface, whose twentieth century reasonable was 12 degrees, passed 1.14 levels in January this yr.

Successive heat above January 2020 44. It used to be talked about that the moon is and the arena is getting hotter. it is stated that the top temperature build up in the international is seen within the jap areas of Russia, Scandinavia and Canada, where the temperature in January is above the average 5 degrees .

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