FBI Publishes 2019 Internet Crimes Report Causing 3.5 Billion Dollars Loss

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has revealed the ‘ 2019 Web Crimes File ‘. Consistent With the published report, the number of crimes complained throughout the year reached 467 thousand 361. the price of the crimes complaining exceeds $ THREE.FIVE billion (21 billion TL).

Cyber ​​crime higher in 2019

It was based in Turkey and reached a total collection of FOUR,883,231 complaints with 2019 reports.

The number of court cases won within the prior five years has reached 1.7 million , whilst the total annual loss is $ 1.1 billion (2015), 3 $ 5 billion (2019). The Damage of cybercrime to individuals and businesses within the US over the earlier five years has over $ 10 billion . 2019 was once the worst yr in this respect. in the course of the yr, the top cyber crime court cases ever made, while the victims of cyber crime have additionally suffered their greatest losses. within the struggle towards cybercrime, $ THREE HUNDRED million was once saved.

Company emails

Fraud task over company emails has $ 1.7 billion . A TOTAL of 23,775 proceedings had been made on this house in 2019. Industry e-mail fraudsters have become essentially the most unhealthy crew in cybercrime.

Cencornet CEO Ed Macnair mentioned, “Many companies had been at risk of towards e mail attacks as a result of criminals -they are developing their the way to triumph over mail safety. ” The attackers targeted probably the most CEOs and body of workers operating in the financial division in those areas.

Macnair stated that cybercriminals trick workers and steal helpful knowledge by using e-mail addresses very similar to relied on firms’ e-mails. Macnair stated that this system is very tricky to be caught through conventional safeguard systems and firms need to strengthen their security techniques.


FBI, ransomware He warned about the importance of its have an effect on on organizations. within the ransomware attack towards the town of latest Orleans in December 2019, it was discovered that the FBI’s warnings weren’t taken severely.

there have been a few discounts in lawsuits approximately ransomware attacks in 2018, however this quantity increased again in 2019 and reached the highest selection of lawsuits after 2016. Ransomware assaults brought about $ 2.4 million damage in 2016, up from $ 8.9 million in 2019.

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