Google Representatives Have Verbal Defense In The Competition Authority

Within The earlier months, the contest Authority fined Google for abusing its dominant power in the market. Google representatives announced verbal defenses on the meeting on the institution development these days.

President of the competition Board, Birol Küle, is chargeable for the reason for the research, Google Promoting and Advertising And Marketing Ltd. Ltd. Şti. Said that the dominant place of Google International LLC, Google LLC, Google Eire Restricted and Alphabet Inc. within the general search marketplace is abuse to complicate the activities of its competitors within the on-line buying groceries products and services market.

To downside competition by utilizing a dominant position

Research delegation representative claiming that the search large has dropped the competition providing buying groceries comparison carrier to disadvantaged standing , the buying groceries gadgets known as” Shopping Unit “examined throughout the scope of the file He stated that he must be put in a position to not positioned his competitors in a deprived state. The representative additionally mentioned that if those prerequisites aren’t met, an everyday administrative advantageous should be imposed.

Whilst the corporate representatives protecting the problem said that the Shopping Unit is not a provider that gives buying groceries comparability carrier, product advocates that there is a mechanism showing .

Shopping Unit also defends the realm the place it’s positioned, “If this field is positioned beneath the page, it’ll result in confusion among customers. . If we placed the Buying Groceries Unit on the backside of the web page, natural searches are pushed to the ground of the web page. on this process, advertisers go back to text advertising in place of product promoting. Shopping in this case Turkey will cut back the worth of the Unite textual content advert ends up in return, “he stated.

Corporate representatives, who argue that there is no motive or negligence, mentioned that if a penalty is to take delivery of, this have to be given a minimal. the general resolution at the investigation might be announced on February 20 . If the decision is announced in advance, an announcement might be made at the web site of the competition Authority.

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