Koenigsegg Introduces Its Fastest Car Ever, Jesko Absolut – Let’s Examine Together!

Koenigsegg introduced that it was planning a new version of the car that might succeed in up to 490 km / h while introducing the standard model at the Geneva Motor Show about a yr ago.

Even If the honest in Geneva was once canceled this 12 months due to the Corona virus , the Swedish car large did not hesitate to share its massive marvel.

the new fashion, whose title is Jesko Absolut, is now not shared the highest velocity the car can succeed in whilst selling on the web. the corporate claimed that Jesko Absolut is the quickest Koenigsegg vehicle ever produced, regarding the new model as an “Extremely speedy” and “Remarkable pace” vehicle. the brand new car is thought to have reached more than 490 km / h with the Bugatti Chiron Tremendous Sport THREE HUNDRED+.

High horsepower:

Primarily Based on the good fortune of Jesko Absolut 5 The 0 liter V8 engine lies. This engine produces 1,280 horsepower with normal gasoline and 1,000 Nm of torque. The engine reaches 1,600 horsepower and 1,500 Nm of torque when switching to E85.

Jesko Absolut has an excellent friction coefficient of ZERO.2278. The automobile’s maximum suppression energy is 1,FOUR HUNDRED kilograms . More Than THREE,000 hours of time was spent on aerodynamic analysis to succeed in this point.

It took more than 5,000 hours to finish the design and engineering of the automobile. this is more than the corporate spends for normal Jesko. Even As the shrink weight of the vehicle is measured as 1,320 kilograms , it is the light-weight construction which include carbon fiber monocoque.

in the ZERO/400/0 km / h take a look at, the document was again damaged by Koenigsegg. Koenigsegg managed to damage his new report with the ‘Regera’ type. Regera’s 0/400/0 km / h used to be 31.49 seconds. Koenigsegg was once making plans to attend the Geneva Motor Show with the Venture 500 idea, aiming to exceed the five hundred km / h pace dam.

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