Scientists are Working On a New Energy Source, The Properties of The Energy Source Found

The foothills of the Apennine Mountains in the Tuscany area of Italy witness a feverish excavation. The Venelle-2 excavation tower, situated on this region where even the rocks stretch as a result of the extreme temperature and force, has gone all the way down to approximately 2 miles ( 3.6 kilometers ). Here, prerequisites are reasonably favorable for the presence of supercritical geothermal fluids and mineral-wealthy waters with both fuel and liquid houses.

If Venelle-2 can reach these fluids and use them to rotate the turbines on the ground, it is among the so much renewable energy resources within the world. The excessive power form will likely be bought. However, this procedure isn’t simple because a deep digging can cause leading earthquakes. Venelle-2 is attempting to reach a so-called ‘K horizon’ that has no longer been understood up to now. ‘OK horizon’ is found between the layers of onerous rock close to the skin and the decrease versatile rock lots.

the similar fluids may not be provide in all places the sector:

However, accessing fluids in K horizon doesn’t solve everything . Susan Petty, founding father of the geothermal energy corporate Alta Rock Energy , issues out that the fluids listed here are highly corrosive. in keeping with Petty, these fabrics are fairly frightening.

it is stated that there are few tremendous critical fluids of this sort or even if there are fluids on this undertaking, the similar good fortune would possibly not be accomplished in other parts of the sector . However, if these fluids are reached in the excavation space, residents of the area may have a limiteless source of clean energy.

The excavation on the Venelle-2 tower has been stopped for some time since the equipment on the bottom of the neatly has been damaged due to the greater temperature near the OKAY horizon. consistent with the measurements of the sensors, the temperature at the bottom of the neatly has risen to 537 degrees and if the pressure is as much as THREE HUNDRED instances surface drive.

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