The Work of a Physicist Will Help Understand the Origin of the Universe

Scientist Thiago Tomei, who won a global award remaining week, mentioned his paintings at the Eu Nuclear Research Center the place Big Hadron Collider experiments were conducted.

he’s a physicist on the University of Sao Paulo. Thiago Tomei gained the Success Award from Compact Muon Solenoid Collaboration (CMS). Tomei was once deemed worth of the award for his contribution to the CMS test parts in the Huge Hadron Collider.

Tomei’s work and the nice Hadron Collider:

Referring To scientists, their paintings and the collider,” Hadron is a sort of particle composed of a group of quarks. Quarks; are the main particles, the main function of which is being uncovered to a couple roughly interplay called sturdy interaction . Because Of the homes of these interactions, they can not exist in isolation. They group in more stable units called hadrons. ”

Tomei said that there have been examples of hadrons similar to protons and neutrons, which have been well known within the box of chemistry, or pions and kaons that were found out later. The scientist described the massive Hadron Collider as follows: “The Huge Hadron Collider; It Is a particle accelerator , positioned on the border among France and Switzerland, aiming to boost up protons and collide with an ideal energy. ”

in line with the scientist, the device will create spaces with high power density in space. This area is governed by means of the foundations referred to as Quantum Box Thought , that is a mix of Albert Einstein ‘s Theory of Relativity, Werner Heisenberg’s Quantum Mechanics Conception and different theories. in this manner, it’s imaginable to carry out very certain research on the construction of the substance.

Tomei explains his paintings right here as follows: “My work in Massive Hadron Collider is that the proton collisions in Compact Muon Solenoid on one in every of the experiments that analyzed. i’m working on accumulating data, making ready experiments and analyzing information. My task is to ensure that the experiment is carried out accurately after which analyze the information and compare it with the predictions of the idea. ”

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