An Eagle Throwed The Bat That He Caught To The Sea Over and Over

White-bellied sea eagles are sharp-eyed predators that are living in forests and marshes by means of the sea. The researchers screened a brutal torture consultation of these sharp-eyed hunters in 2017.

A analysis team that conducted research in Malaysia in 2017 adopted a bat species that flies through the day and feed on bugs on Tioman Island in japanese Malaysia. as the crew waited for the send ‘on the way’ to arrive after finishing their paintings, they moved to an area with flying foxes , a sort of fruit bat.

Whilst looking ahead to the ship, the crew saw a white-bellied sea eagle catching a flying fox in the tree. Catching the flying fox bat, the eagle started to fly towards the ocean. Whilst the sea eagle carrying the bat flies in opposition to the ocean, a second eagle joined it. After carrying the bat clear of the shore as a ways as a soccer field, the eagle threw the flying fox into the sea.

Sea eagles started to wait patiently after throwing the flying fox into the sea.

Alternatively, one in every of the ready eagles recaptured the flying fox and threw it into the ocean.

For the second one time, the flying foxes thrown into the sea controlled to reach the shore through making an attempt for a protracted time. The researchers state that the fox at the shore is completely exhausted and there’s a wound on the wing. The researchers who could apply this torture of the sea eagle in the past needed to depart the island because of the arriving of the send that might take them from the island. he idea it was the subject of a scientific take a look at. The researchers introduced their observations with an article revealed within the Magazine of Bat Research & Conservation.

The researchers idea that once the ocean eagle first dropped the flying fox into the ocean, the eagle dropped the bat into the sea because it was now not sufficient . However, the second one time the bat used to be taken from shore to sea showed that the eagle didn’t make a mistake.

Flying foxes are relatively massive prey with strong jaws . The eagles won’t have the option to hunt for a susceptible bat. Therefore, the eagles might want to weaken the flying fox via throwing it into the sea.

A biologist who observes the ocean eagles living in the Southeast Asian and Australian area, Jennifer Coulson said, “The white-bellied sea eagles are extraordinarily professional predators. That Is why i am no longer shocked even supposing i used to be suffering from the statement. ”

Coulson stated sea eagles are similarly interesting hunting methods. Coulson stated that the ocean eagles hunted a few prey by means of shedding stones and hunted the fish while the flock of dolphins chased close to the surface.

Sheema Abdul Aziz, who is on the team that captures hunting photographs of white-bellied sea eagles, says that extra research must be performed approximately this technique of hunting. These observations are at the most important point in order to grasp the dangers of flying foxes, whose numbers are lowering.

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