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In March 2020, we set off on the tenth Nice Stand-up Poland Direction.

Piotrek Szumowski and his stand-up titled “Komik Dookoła świata” is any other of the installments of the Stand-up Poland collection.

Absolutely world comic. He has performed in over thirty countries, on 5 continents, in 3 languages. Yes, Piotrek survived 409 days of touring around the world. How did he do it? No One is aware of. Lately, he attempted to open a sachet with ketchup for 10 mins, and then poured the French fries with mustard. The remaining sentence of his BA thesis is “Newton died on the end of his existence”. And to these days he thinks that Ikea is a cafe with hot dogs that sells furnishings on the aspect. during the shuttle, among others he drank ayahuasque with a shaman in Peru, fell in love with a Colombian prostitute, heard his long run from an Indian fairy and took care of the Australian snake for a month. And that is just the tip of the iceberg of topics that Piotrek raises. the tip of the iceberg, on which Piotrek used to be additionally figuring out.

Stand-up Poland is a group of comedians accrued around the idea of ​​are living comedy, lovers of live comedy and residing comedy. We carry out on the forums of golf equipment and theaters throughout Poland. We translate our ideas, thoughts and life reviews into the language of comedy, weaving somewhat of absurdity or strange, black humor. The Use Of this manner of artwork, we proportion our subjective opinion on quite a lot of subjects, from trivial issues to advanced, human issues, always inflicting laughter.

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